Wading into the Node.js water – Part I

I have been wanting to get into the Node.js game for a while. Finally I made the plunge and installed Node in MacBook. I will summarize my experience in a series of post. The first post is on installation of node. Overall, it was a straightforward process, but with a few twists.

First get the package, you can either download the package:

tar -zxf node-v0.X.XX.tar.gz
cd node-v0.X.XX
sudo make install

or get the whole repository:

 git clone https://github.com/joyent/node.git
 cd node
 git checkout v0.X.XX
 ./configure --prefix=/opt/node
 sudo make install

You may also want to add /opt/node/bin to /etc/paths

While I was running configure, it prompted me that no compiler found. It turns out that I need to install the Command Line Tools for XCode.
Go to
Xcode ->
Preferences ->
Downloads ->
Components ->
Command Line Tools
Make sure it’s installed.

And voila… I am able to run my first Node.js “Hello Node” program.

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