Share Point Protocol Support in Alfresco 3.4

Share Point Protocol Support finally works in Alfresco 3.4. It is provided by an embedded Jetty server in the repository and deployed as the same context as the repository.  This feature in Alfresco is much anticipated by our end users.  But there are a few gotta:

  1. Out of box, SPP/VTI is configured on port 7070 with http only, it’s not straightforward to add SSL.
  2. The SPP/VTI server context has to the same as the repository and cannot be changed, this add a bit of challenge to proxy it properly.

With a bit tweaking and powerful proxy function of Apache, here is how we get around it.

Suppose that Alfresco is installed on and Apache is on

  1. Add an alias dmsp. to
  2. Repository: proxy ajp://
  3. Share: proxy ajp://
  4. VTI/SPP: proxy
  5. Configure Apache on dmsp/ to do the forwarding
  6. NameVirtualHost *:80
    <VirtualHost *:80>
            ProxyPass /alfresco ajp:// retry=5
            ProxyPass /share ajp:// retry=5
            ProxyPassReverse /alfresco ajp://
            ProxyPassReverse /share ajp://
            RewriteEngine on
            RewriteRule ^/$ "" [R=302,L]
    <VirtualHost *:80>
            ProxyPass /
            ProxyPassReverse /
  7. add
  8. to

  9. Voila
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2 Responses to Share Point Protocol Support in Alfresco 3.4

  1. Paul Holmes-Higgin says:

    Nice work. Do you have any suggestions on what we should do to make things better out of the box for this?


    • Hongbo says:

      Thanks for reading my piece.

      Couple of suggestions:

      1. allow SPP/VTI’s context to be different from the repository.
      2. allow SPP/VTI to be configured on a separate web app instance.
      3. allow Edit Online for Repository in Alfresco Share
      4. allow Edit Online for Non IE browsers (FF, Safari and Chrome)
      5. configuration like vti.server.external.port=443 is a bit dummy, but it has to be there to make the Edit Online work with https
      6. improve support@Alfresco, especially for enterprise customers. Alfresco customer support was pretty good when we rolled out 3.2. I have to say that I have different experience now with 3.4.

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